What Is Aleppo Soap?

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Aleppo soap is a natural soap, also known as Ghar soap, Savon d’alep or Alep soap. In the Arabic language, Sabun Ghar صابون غار or Sabun Halabi صابون حلبي. It is similar to Castile, Nablus or Marseille soap, but with the addition of Laurel oil to the olive oil at between 5% and 60%. It contains no environmentally damaging Palm Oil.

Aleppo soap

The history of Aleppo soap goes back more than 8 thousand years to the city of Aleppo. It is the origin of the hard soaps used today throughout the world. Completely natural, this soap contains no synthetic additives or artificial colours or preservatives. In addition to the oil, the saponification process uses the added ingredients of Sodium Hydroxide (lye) and water.

bay leaves (laurus nobilis)

Soap boilers pour the mixture of the soap is poured on to a flat surface, like a shallow swimming pool, and then cooled and dried. There is a video showing how the soap is made here. The resulting block of green, fresh soap is then cut and branded with the maker’s stamp. It takes about six to nine months to dry on racks in well aerated arches, and gradually matures with age into the traditional shape that we see. Aleppo soap smell is very mild due to the laurel oil, as olive oil soaps have little to no scent. The scent of Aleppo soap is very pleasing and leaves a very mild aroma after a bath.

Aleppo soap


What can Aleppo soap be used for?

  1. Hand Soap – Aleppo soap can be used for everyday washing of hands
  2. Body Wash – You can use this soap instead of shower gels. The natural glycerine in this soap won’t dry out your skin
  3. Baby Skin and Intimate Care – Soap like this contains no artificial chemicals so they are mild and perfect for baby or sensitive skin.
  4. Face Wash – Use first thing in the morning or before bedtime to gently cleanse and freshen up the skin
  5. Shampoo – Aleppo soap can be used as a shampoo and it contains none of the chemicals that shampoos have. It is much handier than a shampoo bottle. Your hair will be left shiny, clean and full-bodied. Rub the soap into scalp, work up a lather, rinse and repeat if necessary. As it’s a solid there are no problems transporting it through airport security
  6. Shaving Cream – The antibacterial properties of the Laurel Oil makes Aleppo Soap the perfect shaving cream. Work up a lather with a shaving brush or in your hands.