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For the month of May, 50% off natural loofahs or loofah bath mitts on orders of £25 or more


For the month of April, free bamboo soap rack on orders of £25 or more. Coupon ‘soaprack’ will be applied automatically to eligible orders


Customers helped raise another £1314 for the Children’s Cancer Centre of Lebanon


I’m expecting a delivery of pure Nablus olive oil soap, and a batch of gorgeous Ethiopian handwoven cotton towels .


I’ve made some enquiries and whilst the recent earthquake in Syria has damaged some soap-making factories in Aleppo, no one has been injured. If you wish to make a donation to charity you can donate to Oxfam here.


Thank you to customers for another £853 raised for the Children’s Cancer Centre Lebanon


New year sale till 31st Jan 2023: Code 5%off for all items in the shop (excluding 5 for £26 offer)


Due to increasing costs, the offer of 5 bars of Aleppo Soap 50% laurel oil for returning customers will be for £26, an increase of only 4% and the first in two years


Live in Sheffield? Buy locally from the Walkley Press, 385 South Road, Walkley, Sheffield S6 3TD


Discounts for existing customers until 30 April 2022.


Another £886 raised for the Children’s Cancer Charity of Lebanon. Thank you to all customers!

CCCL Letter


Expecting a delivery of natural pumice stones in September/October


An 8000 year old soap enters the 21st Century era of commerce with the sale of 5 bars for 0.09370911 Bitcoin Cash!


Now accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrency for payments.


August offer: free bamboo soap dish with every order of £23 or above


Apparently there is now a trade deal between the UK and Australia. I have sent soap to Australia via Royal Mail International Economy and it takes about 2 to 2 ½ weeks to arrive. You should ask locally if import duties or taxes are payable.


Aleppo soapNew stock of 50% laurel oil Aleppo soap arrived today

I’ve agreed to donate all profits to the Children’s Cancer Centre of Lebanon. CCCL supports Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian children who suffer from cancer by providing much needed funds for cancer treatment.

The economic and Covid19 crisis in Lebanon has had a devastating impact on healthcare in Lebanon, especially as the country has depleted its hard currency reserves that are needed to import medicines. By donating profits from the sale of soap, we hope to be able to provide a modest but much needed income for CCCL You are of course welcome to donate to CCCL directly without buying any soap.


All returning customers can purchase of 5 bars of 50% Aleppo soap for £25