About Us

Olive oil based soaps such as Nablus or Aleppo soaps are some of the best soaps in the world. (If you are after Nablus soap you can get it from here or here)

As the only type of soap I use myself, I wanted to introduce more people to the benefits of these soaps. They are kind on the skin, and they are kind on the environment, as they use little to no packaging. There are no harmful chemicals that eventually make it into drinking water.

Handmade soaps are often made by small family owned businesses that have been handed down from generation to generation. Purchasing such soap helps support families often living in quite difficult environments.

We are very confident that you will love our Aleppo soap. The soap is carefully selected and tested by our supplier Kesabella. We will always try to offer competitive prices and discounts on large orders.

By agreement, 20% of profits of the sale of Aleppo Soap with 50% laurel oil are being sent to the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon.