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Support small local producers and retailers

Are you tired of spending money at the mega retailers, but can’t see alternatives?

Large online retailers such as Amazon offer variety and convenience, often at competitive prices, but at the cost of depleting the high street from retailers and other shops, without which town centres become ghost towns.

One of the few upsides of the recent Covid crisis is that it has forced retailers to become more imaginative and proactive, setting up locally managed websites that focus on local retailers. If you would like to consider alternatives to the behemoths, why not try:

Folksy– similar to Etsy, which lists handmade and unique goods.

This is Sheffield– listing Sheffield independent shops.

Locally UK– large number of shops providing both goods and services

Shop Here Not There– predominantly for Bristol based retailers

The advantages of such platforms is that the fees are often lower than listing on Amazon for example. More money goes to the manufacturer/supplier, which also enables them to offer customers more generous discounts.

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