Aleppo soap + dish + shampoo brush gift pack

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Aleppo-Ghar soap 50% Laurel oil and 50% Olive oil. Each bar is about 200-225g. The gift pack includes a bamboo soap dish and a silicone shampoo brush/massager- all you need for a relaxing bath or shower!

Aleppo Soap

  • Very moisturising
  • No additives or perfumes
  • Helps with dry skin and rashes due to the oil content
  • Can be used as a solid shampoo and will help control dandruff
  • Laurel oil has antiviral and antibacterial properties
  • Can be used for hands, body and hair

Bamboo soap rack

  • Rack made of natural bamboo
  • Helps soap last longer by minimising contact with water, unlike flat dishes that hold a layer of water between the soap and dish

Shampoo brush

  • Take a shower with this soft shampoo brush to exfoliate and remove dandruff
  • Help make the hair and scalp cleaner
  • Use as a massager to help ease itchiness and promote blood circulation

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